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Whole foods speed dating cambridge ma

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Upper-class people were eating breakfast earlier, and dinner later, than they had formerly done..1808...dinner was now a late meal and supper a snack taken at the very end of the day before people retired to bed.

For a long time luncheon was a very upper-class habit; ordinarily working people dined in the early evening, and contented themselves as they had done for centuries with a mid-day snack...

These differ greatly from culture to culture and through time.

American meal times were introduced by Old World settlers and evolved independently accordingly to fit cultural norms. , History Magazine Ancient Greek meal times "Meal times are variable, but a midday meal was usually called ariston lunch... The latter was perhaps typically the biggest meal of the day, and for some the only meal." ---Siren Feasts: A History of Food and Gastronomy in Greece, Andrew Dalby [Routledge: London] 1996 (p.

12) British meal times (overview) "In the beginning of the sixteenth century in England, dinner, the main meal of the day, used to begin at AM.

According to the Old English Rule of Chodegang, if preostas ate twice a day then it was a midday and evening, and at Aethelwold's monastery the monks had dinner and supper...

An ealier meal than dinner or supper is referred to--the undernswoesendum. In contrast to the monastic regimen where the main meal was at or around midday, it is possible that in a secular time-table, main meals were at the third hour and again at supper time, to allow a full day's activity between them.

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They also depend upon the socio-economic class of the person who was eating.

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