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I am that daughter, and I dedicate this story to parents everywhere who love their children as my parents loved me.

Perhaps my story will help you and your family avoid the pitfalls of the young and the not so young who willingly sacrifice their souls to the dreams and aspirations of the “great.” This is a true story, but as I recount the strange happenings of it, I wonder if it will seem beyond belief to those who have for years given their loyalty, trust and love to the major characters who must be described herein.

Gothard’s telephone call came asking if I would join his staff in Illinois, no one was more surprised or delighted than I.

I quickly arranged to take a leave of absence from my freshman year of college and boarded a plane for Chicago two days after Christmas, less than two weeks from the date of Mr. It seemed a strange time to leave my family, but Mr.

Someone else would have to fight yesterday’s battle for her.

Before Ruth’s cancer, she fought the good fight; she had seen what the ATI program was doing to individuals, families, and churches.

The lessons were costly, at times even brutal, but they provide all the more reason for the telling.

If only one person can be spared by learning from my experiences, the hurt of putting them on paper will be worthwhile.

Our respect and reverence for this man was so deep we never thought to question either his motives or his judgment.

She didn’t end up with a prince charming Boaz, but with me, and the ending was anything but fairytale.

Ruth worked at the Institute’s headquarters from 1970–1980.

By the age of 15 I was well acquainted with the ministry of Bill Gothard and the Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts. Gothard’s seminar could enrich my life and teach me much about such important matters as making lasting friends and being successful in the area of dating. Gothard’s seminar so vital to my personal growth that they drove me, along with the young man I was dating, a thousand miles to spend a week listening to the teachings they assured me would change my life. My dating habits didn’t change drastically because my parents had already taught me godly principles. I became a devoted follower of the Institute’s seminars, listening with total commitment to the teachings of a man I was sure could achieve his vision of “turning the world upside down” with his new concepts of living.

I faithfully sought to apply each of his concepts and struggled with feelings of guilt whenever I failed to do so.

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Gothard that would later end in tragedy for many on his staff.