Top ten intimidating dogs Sexchat old man

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Top ten intimidating dogs

Though once the dominant guard dog in the UK, its popularity has fallen in recent years, reflecting the numerous health problems now facing the breed.Bad hips are a serious concern, while the demands of the show-bench have led to dogs that have sloping backs and weak back legs, and so are no longer fit for the purpose.You can even get a German gundog – the Weimaraner – that doubles as a guard dog: it was developed in the Weimar Republic for both hunting and guarding.Modern, British-bred Weimaraners have largely lost their strong guarding instinct, but you can still find it in most German dogs.In 2003 there were 6,369 registrations, and only 1,554 last year.Almost all the rottweilers I have met have been as soft in temperament as the average retriever, but it is significant that the Rottweiler Clubs championship shows include temperament assessment.

One of the GSD’s assets is its wolf-like appearance, which makes it an effective deterrent regardless of its guarding instinct.The best guard dogs breeds are still top of the list for deterring burglars, even in the age of lasers and closed circuit television.Burglars hate them, and even career criminals think twice before entering premises patrolled by suitably fierce dogs. A big, powerful dog is a formidable adversary, and invariably equipped with a set of serious teeth.If you want to see visual evidence of the German shepherd’s guarding abilities, turn to You Tube, where numerous short clips demonstrate that this is a formidable biting machine.Many people are attracted to GSDs for all the wrong reasons, and as a result many dogs end up in rescue.

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Like most big dogs, they are short-lived, seldom reaching double figures.

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