The consolidating smartphone pie

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The consolidating smartphone pie

Generally speaking, this'll work out at around £100-£150 for a smartphone, and a fair whack more for a super-expensive laptop.The only exception is goods under £36, which are exempt. To get more case-specific details, the Duty Calculator website is an invaluable tool, or you can try and wade through the seven tonnes of small print on the HMRC website a smartphone from the US: it might just plain not work in the UK.The good news is that you don't need to wait to discover many of the highlights from this year's reports though; simply read on below for the key stats, together with our analysis of what all these numbers mean for businesses and organisations in 2017.It’s also interesting to note that developed economies’ share of global digital users dropped this year, as digital growth in Asia-Pacific - particularly in South and Southeast Asia - moved the balance further East.

A whole rash of new products -- Moto X, Google Chromecast and the fantastic Razer Blade laptop -- are only available for sale in the US, well and truly shafting us poor Brits.In particular, the number of internet users reported by official sources for Egypt, Malawi, and Eritrea have all been revised down considerably, which has the effect of negating many of the gains posted by other nations.Fewer than one in three people across Africa has access to the internet today though, and current growth trends suggest we’ll be well into the 2020s before we see internet penetration levels across the continent pass the 50% mark.More usefully, all the services named above offer assisted purchasing -- essentially, some online retailers won't accept a UK credit card, so the reshipper will buy the stuff for you.Once you've paid the reshipper's fee and postage costs, there's still one more organisation that wants a share of the pie: Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.

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The fees they charge vary a little, but are normally somewhere around $5 per package, or some kind of monthly fee for unlimited packages. Depending on the size, weight and value of what you're trying to get your hands on, this can vary between really-quite-cheap and it'd-better-be-delivered-by-the-Holy-Angels prices.

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