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Sex dating in copper center alaska

Participated in the Buskin river raft race back when they had mandatory beer stops. Dan Martin, USCG, RM1 retired, and still living in Alaska, all be it, SE.Surprised no on got hurt or died in that operation. Date: Mon, -0600 From: shaneluck67 at gmail dot com Joe, Thanks so much for your website and the updates on Spruce Cape.[see the museum's newspaper collection] He was befriended by Lucille Nixon and her husband who owned a record store in Kodiak.They became great friends and are in some of the photos.i was able to use his garage to work on my car during the winter....i left kodiak in april 1963 and successfully completed radioman "a" school in san diego... chief horne and his wife on the left, me and my wife, nina, on the right....

was flown in a coast guard helicopter to take basic locating pictures, then trudged up the hill with the preliminary investigating team, taking pics as they directed...i recall that a couple of months later i had to take pics of of a re-enlistment... i was really amazed at the time that someone who had just survived a crash like that would re-enlist...the communications station message center was in the lower (1st floor?It was my first duty station from June 1987 through December 1988.Fascinating interview with the construction engineer and updated info.

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Dad was a professional photographer who did work as a photographer for major movie studios and pulbicity magazines of the period before his induction.