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Sex chat women on ps3

which is....really sad :(Also I don't know why I gave the impression that I'm some nerdy teenager, I'm 23, and I don't have problems dating normal girls. I highly suggest you make a new Facebook and not be too personal with it.

I just never got to date a woman who was more in line with my preference Ppl on this board seem to think it's bad to have online relationships. Grandmother and your high school class mates don't need to be on there making it a 'chore.' Call yourself something clever and make a cat ur profile picture.

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Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.geek-2-geek is a dating service.other than that, good luck.

Likewise, she loves arts and crafty stuff, but i dont give a crap about it (though ill still give ideas or say what i like/dont like about something to help her)can just smell the inexperienced nerdy teenagers when they talk about games (and women) though.Still feel bad for even encouraging this though, just overall a dumb thing to want to do :\Bro, stay away from these types... Yes, it's cool that they play video games, but there are usually so many underlying/hidden/not-so-hidden issues that it makes it not worth it.It's best to find a "normal" girl that tolerates your habit or is just slightly into it. There are all kinds of girls on there, and it's way too easy to meet chicks there.perfect advice.What I suggest you do is get a facebook if you dont already have one, like a bunch of nerd pages, and start friending all the girls you're bound to make a few is a terrible idea and its hard not to laugh at the stupid things nerdy teenagers do :\but smallpoxx has probably the best choice, as there are lots of fanpages or groups on facebook with nerdy (as in, unpopular "loser" nerdy, which i assume is what you want) chicks who are awkward enough that they will chat with random guys.

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