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Sex chat utrecht

There’s someone you like the look of sitting by the window, reading a paperback by Marion Bloem. It’s not something you’d necessarily rush to tell your colleagues or your parents: but it’s true. You realise that without quite accepting the fact, you have come to Utrecht as a sex tourist.Sex tourism sounds horribly sleazy, deeply pathetic and beyond the pale.Weird."‘Wel intimiteit, geen seks’ ('Intimacy yes, sex no'), Hein Janssen for De Volkskrant ()read the report (in Dutch)"It's fine that apps like Grindr exist, but they also form a carousel of continual self-affirmation."‘Is er iemand die met me wil spelen? ') by Hein Janssen for De Volkskrant ()read the article (in Dutch)"Depth disappears when it seems someone is about to fulfil my horniest porn fantasies."‘Wanna play? ’ by Kim Bos for NRC Next ()read the article (in Dutch)"Verhoeven’s performance installations in particular, like Ceci n’est pas and now also Wanna Play?, cause a commotion and bring major contemporary themes to attention of a wide audience."‘Daten vanuit een glazen huis’ ('Dating from a glass house'), Moos van den Broek for ()read the review (in Dutch) for the VPRO Radio 1 programme Nooit meer slapen.

The decent beers on tap, plus a generous bring-your-own-meal policy make this one of the nicest cafes in town.

With the emergence of dating apps such as Grindr and Tinder, a new revolution is underway: a date is available ‘on demand’.

If we know how to sell ourselves, with the right slogan and right selfie, we have access to an endless supply of available men and women.

Verhoeven’s life and search for connection is visible to everyone for 10 days, 24/7.

The new public space, the internet, is made visible in the analogue public domain, the street. The screen of Verhoevens phone is constantly projected on a large screen; the chats can be read by everyone, but have been made anonymous: you cannot identify the person chatting with him.

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listen to the broadcast (in Dutch) Verhoeven’s life could be also followed online for ten days.