Sarah paulson dating pedro pascal Cei webcam live

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Sarah paulson dating pedro pascal

Everyone thought it was hilarious that my head was being smushed like a watermelon. And by powerful, I mean they are three-dimensional female characters. PASCAL: Tyrion would be the greatest ruler of Westeros. PAULSON: [] What was the day of your death scene like? PASCAL: There wasn’t any part of it that was somber. I don’t want to know.” connections don’t end there.

“She was my first friend in New York,” Pascal tells Zap2it with a smile while promoting his new Netflix series “Narcos” at 2015 summer TV press tour.The actress is best known for her roles in In preparation for the part Paulson read the book and researched how women of Mistress Epps’ class behaved.The character is as vindictive as her husband but in her own way. Well, it was challenging, in the sense that you always want to do a good job, and you always want to tell the story to the best of your ability within the capacity that your character allows for in the story." "It’s difficult because it’s not an easy place to sit, in the dark, angry, jealous, covetous place that I think Mistress Epps lives in," Paulson adds. It’s going to be one of the more challenging things I’ve ever done and I can say that much but that’s about it,” she cryptically adds.Sarah Paulson brought along two dates last night for her glorious and well-deserved win: Marcia Clark and Pedro Pascal.Marcia Clark got a wonderful night being celebrated in a winning speech and getting mocked by Jimmy Kimmel in one of the worst hosting gigs in years, but Pascal was the true prize. First, he had to stop and climb a tree because of course.

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