Rules of dating my daughter

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Rules of dating my daughter

He also knew that her grandfather, uncles, and aunts were also federal agents.

Ziva had also allowed Tali to use some makeup, helping her daughter apply blush, mascara and eye shadow.Aaron took one look at the knives and wished he had stayed at home. And you must not do anything to make her feel uncomfortable. " Ziva pointed the knife at him as she checked its surface to make sure it was clean."Um, okay, sir. Tony and Ziva gave their approval for Aaron to take Tali to the dance.He really liked Tali as a friend, and that was why he invited her to the dance. Gibbs just looked at the boy; those steely blue eyes would be watching his every move at the dance.~TALI~Aaron rang the doorbell at the Di Nozzo house as his mother waited in the family car in the driveway.Gibbs made a mental note to check the mom and dad out when he was at the office the next day.He could not be too overprotective of his granddaughter; he just had to make sure the family was good enough for her to have a date with one of them.

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She had just a reading assignment left when her Abba came in the door.