Quotes from mandating vaccination is harmful by barbara loe fisher

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Quotes from mandating vaccination is harmful by barbara loe fisher

Since we first reported on the vaccine war in 2010, more parents across America have decided not to fully vaccinate their children. NEWSCASTER: Health officials suspect someone who was out at Disneyland resort in mid-December had the measles, and that’s how the disease spread. NEWSCASTER: This has got to be so frustrating for public health officials. Dir., Science Writing, MIT: Now it’s spread to over 100 infections to different states around the country.

NARRATOR: Public health doctors celebrate vaccines as one of medicine’s shining achievements. D., Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: They’ve increased our lifespan by 30 years. NARRATOR: But this public health miracle has been losing ground. experienced a major measles outbreak, a disease that had been eliminated from this country 15 years ago.

Those spots are actually something probably none of you have ever seen. This patient had one of the commoner potentially lethal complications of chicken pox. This child came as close to dying of chicken pox as you can come without doing it. And he was actually the last patient I ever saw with this disease. NARRATOR: But critics have argued that while some vaccines may be life-saving, the current vaccine schedule delivers just too many vaccines too quickly. What is the risk of injecting something into someone’s arm?

And so I encourage you remember that chicken pox also can cause fatalities. I can tell you it was the scourge of pediatrics when I was in training because there was no vaccine. JENNIFER MARGULIS: Why are we giving children so many vaccines? The risk is that a certain proportion of people will get swelling and a little bit of pain, lasting from an hour to a day. A very, very, very small percentage of people will get an allergic reaction.

And from what we’ve seen in other parts of the world, once it’s introduced, it will spread very rapidly and cause a lot of disease. But soon, perhaps within a year, there may be a vaccine. She has used the footage to teach other medics how to recognize these diseases. CYNTHIA CRISTOFANI: I’m old enough to have seen most of the serious life-threatening illnesses that are largely suppressed and some almost eradicated by the modern vaccines. There’s major fluid deficiency in this child’s tissues.

Actually kills over half a million humans annually, most of them elsewhere on the planet.

And given the low rate of vaccination here, the community is at constant risk of other highly infectious and potentially serious diseases like measles or whooping cough taking hold. So I know firsthand what the polio epidemic looked like.

NARRATOR: Seth Mnookin is a science writer at MIT who has reported extensively on the vaccine debate.

NEWSCASTER: The measles outbreak that began at Disneyland in December has now spread to more than 90 people in the U. Because of that, it’s something that’s gotten a lot of attention.

As a parent, I would rather see my child get a natural illness and contract that the way that illnesses have been contracted for at least 200,000 years that homo sapiens has been around. Because of exemptions, some 28 percent of Ashland’s kids are allowed to attend public school lacking some or all of their required vaccinations. D., Pediatrician, Ashland, OR: So we’re going to need today the D-TAP number 5, your final polio, your second— NARRATOR: Pediatrician Dr. Offit, for example, is seen in some quarters not as a hero for inventing a successful vaccine but as a self-interested entrepreneur whom skeptics have called “Dr. Has it prevented hospitalization and suffering and death? JENNIFER MARGULIS: It’s a mistake that we have a vaccine against rotavirus, the vaccine that Paul Offit helped to develop. of Pennsylvania, 1994-2012: Well, one of the bitter ironies of vaccination is it carries with it the problems of its own success.

Donna Bradshaw-Walters worries that these parents may unwittingly bring back diseases that haven’t been seen for decades. DONNA BRADSHAW-WALTERS: The possibility of an outbreak is real here in Ashland. In the third world, maybe people are dying of rotavirus, but in this country, you have to do back flips to show a death toll of people from rotavirus. NARRATOR: Author and bioethicist Arthur Caplan is an expert on the ethical issues surrounding vaccines.

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This is the first of up to 35 inoculations she will get in the next six years of her life to fight 14 diseases. I mean, polio would paralyze, you know, tens of thousands of children every year. I mean, diphtheria was the most common killer of teenagers in the 1920s. I mean, you know, vaccines— the benefit of vaccines is clear. From my point of view, being able to prevent 16 diseases by vaccination is a really good thing.