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Thousand Arms follows the goggle-sporting protagonist Meis Triumph as he chases cute girls and a dark villain across the world, eventually concluding with a classic role-playing game ending.

The game could probably be best described as a "romantic comedy RPG", perhaps even "harem comedy" though it features plenty of combat as well.

Clearly a blatant is a top-down action adventure with light RPG elements.

It features the same hack and slash combat as Nintendo's series, as well as item gathering, and adds in the ability to explore other people's dreams and nightmares.

There's also a heavy puzzle element, some of the most difficult in the genre. Yes, fans actually get the chance to wield Cloud's Buster Sword and to play as the iconic Sephiroth.

It isn't as smooth as competing fighters, but this is a fighter that's sold on the strength of its characters, and for 's later instalments that are crammed in as a side show.

Instead, it simply goes for pure, traditional JRPG 2D quality, and sees you recruiting a myriad of characters to aid you in your fight.

Played via third person, with random battles and the persona system that grants new strengths and abilities, it's a different, but no less absorbing role player. It includes an impressive orchestral score (one of the first games to do so), FMV cut scenes and some of the best graphics around at the time.also has some unique features, most notably the Additions system that features user-input combos to open up more powerful attacks.Characters can also transform into the titular Dragoons once they acquire a Dragoon Spirit.Many fans of the game actually consider is a great example of the 3D one-on-one brawler.Set in typically colourful Japanese-style schools, complete with dodgy schoolgirl underwear flashing, combatants vary from martial artists to sports players, and you pick two of them at a time.

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One is your actual combatant, and the second is used to the game's team-up special attacks.