Pagan dating in southeast michigan

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Pagan dating in southeast michigan

During two excavation seasons, January to February 2015 and December 2015 to February 2016, led by Janice Stargardt in Yahanda mound at Sri Ksetra, early sherds stamped with Buddhist motifs were found, later dated c.340 /- 30 CE Sri Ksetra is the largest Pyu site discovered thus far (Beikthano and Sri Ksetra are the only Pyu sites that have been extensively excavated.The vast arraying of surviving material indicates a rich visual culture that was endorsed by the Pyu at Sri Ksetra.The Pyu at Sri Ksetra declined in prominence around the ninth century AD.But the victors soon broke into three rival groups, and a second round of war ensued.Taking advantage of the confusion, a fourth group, the Mon of Lower Burma drove all indigenous groups out of Sri Ksetra.Other important Pyu cities as Maingmaw and Binnaka could yield more artefacts with more extensive excavations).It occupied an area larger than that of the eleventh century Pagan or nineteenth century Mandalay.

(The Mranma (Burmans) were the third.) The Pyu initially emerged victorious over the Kanyan.), located along the Irrawaddy River at present-day Hmawza, was once a prominent Pyu settlement.The Pyu occupied several sites across Upper Myanmar, with Sri Ksetra recorded as the largest, the city wall enclosing an area of 1,477 hectares, Issues surrounding the dating of this site has meant the majority of material is dated between the seventh and ninth centuries AD, however recent scholarship suggests Pyu culture at Sri Ksetra was active centuries before this.The earliest mention is the fourth century AD account by Ch'ang Ch'u, with later accounts by Chinese pilgrims Xuanzang and Yijing in the seventh century AD .While these written records assist with the dating of Sri Ksetra and demonstrate cross-cultural interactions, they are fragmented and cannot all be backed by other evidence.

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