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In spite of the development of advanced anti-spam software, individuals and businesses alike suffer the consequences of spam email that finds its way to the inbox.

However, as annoying as it can be, spam is relatively easy to deal with.

Learn to identify common phishing attacks and make sure to disable links in phishing emails.

Keep your information secure and never enter sensitive data following a suspicious link in an email. Email, unfortunately, is the most obvious choice for cyber criminals to make a profit.

The simplest way, of course, is to block links and attachments in suspicious emails.

These are some of the most dangerous malware that can empty your bank account.

The content of the message encourages users to download a malicious file and launch it.

Often there’s a link to a malicious site in the body of the message, which thanks to drive-by downloads automatically installs malware just by clicking a link.

Also, permanently delete all suspected junk email instead of moving it to the Junk folder. It is estimated that 2-4% of all emails contain some type of malware.

Email attachments are one of the oldest ways to spread malware.

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Unsolicited bulk email, otherwise known as spam, is unwanted email sent in large quantities.