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Mark Kanemura is back on the tour starting February 19, 2011, while Cassidy Noblett has left.

Since the end of the Monster Ball, Gaga performed with eight or nine of the dancers including Richard Jackson who usually dance in the music videos or special live performances.

In the video, the brunette dancer (Sheryl Murakami) turned on the boom box that began the video's music, while Berenson carried in Gaga's piano.

Also in 2012, Kinney appeared on the big screen in Kathryn Bigelow's acclaimed war drama Zero Dark Thirty.

For "Marry the Night", Melissa Emrico returned to the Haus for the shoot only.

For The Born This Way Ball, some dancers did not renew their contracts or were replaced in total, three new dancers (Knicole Haggins, David Lei Brandt, Kevin Frey) joined the Haus while three left (Michael Silas, Molly d'Amour, Bethany Strong).

Their nicknames were inspired by some of Gaga's favorite fashion designers: Michael Silas as Mikey Mugler, Ian Mc Kenzie as Louis Lagerfeld, Asiel Hardison as Duke Jones, Anthony Lofendo as Tonny Ferris.

At the end of the tour with the New Kids on The Block, Anthony "left" the group for undisclosed reasons.

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The trio had a one year contract which ended on August 2009 but they re-signed to be part of The Monster Ball Tour.

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