Itemupdating before properties afterproperties chicago speed dating over 40

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Itemupdating before properties afterproperties

In debugging, I checked the values at Item Adding, Item Added, Item Updating, and Item Updated.

Everything looked as it should through Item Updating, but somewhere in between Item Updating and Item Updated, the data was lost, and my values were set to empty strings.

Generally a problem I would expect from an asynchronous handler.

To solve this, I do the heavy lifting code in Item Adding, and then simply do a resetting of the value in Item Added to ensure that it sticks.

So, it appears it is not the only trick up their sleeve…

Item Updated I did an Update and making it trigger itself. If you’re dealing with a event receiver with access to server side code, this is not a problem.

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Like the title says, If you are writing an event handler for document libraries / lists, properties.

It appears the title column value is available in After Properties, only you have to use the “vti_title” name for it! ) In my book, this is a bug, and an undocumented one at the very least…

I hope someone fixes it soon, but for now it is one of those things seasoned Share Point sharks need to remember.

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tl;dr: If you have trouble with stopping the updated-event from firing, compare what you want to change in the before Properties and after Properties.