Infp and dating

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Listen for the guys who complain about what "ball-busters" their wives/girlfriends are, or the ones who complain about how their women are always trying to fix the plumbing or chop the firewood.

Speaking for myself, I pay no attention to the Myers-Briggs bunk. Make friendly with one of these guys, and just wait around quietly and sensitively in the wings until the realtionship inevitably explodes.

Extroversion does not necessarily go hand in hand with a display of actual inner strength. Not all women like the super confident or aggressive type guy, but in order to date - a guy has to have SOME sort of social skills.

It is essential to the INFP that their beliefs and actions are totally in sync. If you're going to use that as an excuse on not working harder to find a date, then my man, you won't have to worry about getting one. You're 26---you should be out having fun, not worrying about some test screwing with your chances of finding a date.A big problem may be lack of an aura of masculinity and decisiveness.Perhaps you could find some ENTJ dominatrix to make you a love slave?

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As another lady posted, who gives a rat's ass about Myers Briggs in dating?!

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