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And now that Time magazine has given us 'Guindians' (Guidos Indians), Juhu Shore can’t be far behind. Half 'n' half babies are cuter than other babies and have more interesting mono- and bi- syllabic names too.

Sukaina Darren = Kyrus; Avninder Eliane = Milan; Anjali Craig= Neev.

Good jukebox bets are Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash.

Especially Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" which is either about love or an STD, both hot button topics for Americans. Will Ferrell: Besides being a movie star, Will Ferrell has helped shaped the mind of the great American nation's present generation.

What beer your date drinks is not as important as how you drink yours.

As with an Indian meal, a hearty belch at the end is considered polite.

While some young Americans rallied to Obama’s campaign cry of "Yes, we can," a far larger number respond to Ferrell's terse but powerful message "That's just dumb." His far-sighted views on diversity, "I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship, used during the Civil War era," neatly sidestep possible social stigmas of Indo-American dating, which makes him a hero to our cause. Organic food: Americans believe that organic foods cleanse their soul and their colon. Hand harvested, cruelty free, cosmetically unaltered potatoes may taste like the pure manure they were grown in but keep this to yourself.

For example, Coors Light aka Silver Bullet is promising but not long term -- your date’s looking for a quick fix.

It has left a legacy still felt among Native populations in the east, and it is also one of the most hidden narratives in American historical literature.

The historical record of the Indian slave trade is based on many disparate and scattered sources including legislative notes, trade transactions, journals of slavers, government correspondence and especially church records, making it difficult to account for the entire history.

Don’t worry about your jokes falling flat on Budweiser drinkers -- they still think "Whassuuuuup" is hysterical.

Pabst Blue Ribbon flashes hipster alert -- wear your sunglasses indoors.

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Sam Adams is for the discerning American -- wine bar for the second date.

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