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Historical dating

For videos of what life in Edenton, NC might have been like throughout our history, click here.In addition, we have lots of historical photographs of the area! Your first stop while visiting Edenton should be at the Penelope Barker House Welcome Center, home of the courageous Penelope Barker, the organizer of the first (1774) political action by women in western cultures.Our mission is to preserve and educate our visitors on the history of our area, as well as help guide you on your visit.The staff and volunteers at the Penelope Barker Welcome Center look forward to your visit and hope to see you soon.

If you missed the broadcast of UNC TV’s NC Weekend that featured Edenton, you have another chance to see it.

Every year, press releases about a new discovery or a planned excavation dig gains immense attention across the Internet.

The huge amount of historical places to visit in Turkey can be credited to the fact that the country sits on the edge of ancient Mesopotamia, that is often referred to as the birthplace of civilization, so it is not a surprise that many empires have conquered, ruled, and lost their reign of the region.

Spend a few minutes on our pictures page, and you begin to get a feel for just how beautiful this area really is. Edenton is blessed with a rich cultural history dating back well before the American Revolution.

Edenton served the colony’s capitol and main commercial center during the first half of the 18th century.

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The Edenton Historical Commission is housed in the Penelope Barker Welcome Center, in the heart of Edenton, NC.

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