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Gold digger dating site

Also, knowing the actual translation method creates additional questions, such as why the gold plates were needed at all if they were not used in the translation process, or how a common stone found on Willard Chase's property (that was not preserved in the stone box for 1,500 years by the Nephites) came to have such translating abilities?

Moroni also instructed Joseph regarding the use of the Urim and Thummim, sometimes referred to as interpreters, to aid in the translation process.

However, faithful LDS historians and Church leadership have been aware that Joseph put a stone, that he had found while digging a well years before the BOM was translated, into a hat and put his face into the hat to translate the BOM without the plates even being used.

In fact, the LDS Church has in their possession the stone that Joseph Smith used.

has on only two occasions printed quotes that say that Joseph translated the BOM by placing his face in a hat with a stone. As of December 2013, the Church quietly released a short essay in the Topics section of their website that briefly discusses some parts of the actual translation method.

However, there are no images used by the Church of Joseph using a stone in a hat.

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