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It’s just not surprising to date someone who cannot only enjoy a good mojito with you, but doesn’t even flinch when he waves the bartender over to order it. This goes without saying that whether you’re interested in someone or it’s just your local postman, the rolling z’s on every other word will make you instantly melt.

Robin quickly learned that disagreeing in English gives him the upper hand since it’s hard to stay annoyed when hes saying “but cherie, zis is how it iz in la France.” Right, right, right la France my butt.

My grandmother would not be able to handle the shock.

The French just let those hormone ridden teenagers roll around on the grass dry humping each other in public while families stroll around, holding hands and smiling at them like “oh young love, those were the good ole days.” I grew up in a protestant area of the US.

One of these things happens to be a favorite of mine: ordering those deliciously, girly, sugar induced cocktails.

They make consuming alcohol taste as good as a giant pixy stick at the fair when you were nine and French men have no problem ordering them too.

Europe is dominated by high-speed trains and low cost flights giving easy access to immerse yourself in a new country with a different culture, language and history.

It is really so liberating to date someone who’s been raised in society that is so open and accepting about affection. Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule, but men are generally more in touch with their “feminine side” in France meaning certain behaviors that are socially acceptable in France, could be considered emasculating in the US.I put on makeup for myself now and that feels pretty damn good. You quickly learn living here that if you’re invited to someone’s house at pm, it’s pretty rude to show up at pm.The host of your festive soiree planned on guests arriving more around or .So when someone you are dating is whispering sweet romantic nothings into you ear, in a park, while engaging in some serious PDA….ladies you’ve lost the fight without even realizing it.Coming from a large family in the US, we traveled a lot by car around the States since flying for six was too expensive and international travel was a real luxury.

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However, I do find since dating Frenchmen that I have a newfound self-esteem for me.