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Lydia, widow of Oliver, died 13 August, 1842, aged 90 years, 3 months, 4 days. 177] of Richard Howell & Barna- bas Son of Scotto Cobb. Baptized Seth, Mary, Elizabeth & Isaiah Children of Seth Crowell & also Mary, Ruth, Isaac & & Larned Children of Stephen Sears. Received to full Comunion Hannah Freeman after She had asked forgiveness for a Scandal & was restored to y e Chhs Chanty, also Baptized Mercy & James Crowel on their owning y e Baptismal Covenant & Baptized Tabitha Daughter of Nathan Hopkins Nov r 9 . Baptized William Son of Josiah & Bette Crosbey Mar. Received to full Comunion Scoto Clark & his wife Thank ful . Baptized also on their P Ace 1 Joshua Fessenden & Thankful y * other Children of Scot O Clark . Ruth, wife of Abraham, died 8 June, 1800, in her 35th year.

[On stone with brother James G.] Stephen A., died 10 September, 1848, aged 1 year, 9 months, 18 days. Betty, widow of John, died 16 May, 1796, in her 68th year. Ephraim and Jean, died 22 February, 1760, aged 4 years, 3 months, 4 days. 14 Dennis, Mass., Vital Records Holmes {Continued) Hannah, wife of Melvin, died 9 August, 1843, aged 66 years Huldah, wife of Howland, died 8 February, 1822, in her 45th year. Ephraim and Jean, died 10 October, 1770, aged 3 years, 6 months, 3 days. Joseph Copeland, son of Howland and Huldah, died 5 March, 1826, in his 7th year. Baptized Katherine Daughter of Moses Mayo Sep 1 " 14 . Receivd to full Comunion Mehitable Wife to D r Fessenden & Baptized Richard Son [p. Also Baptised Samuel Cyrenius & Isaac Children of Lemuel Freeman, & Desire y e Daughter of Benj n Jun r & Desire Thacher Olive Daughter of Reuben Clark . Same Day Voted by y e chh y x Rachel Gray may have a Copy of all y e Evidences which were y e Grounds of y e Chhs Censure of her for Charging Miriam Gray with taking a false Oath. Nathaniel, son of Samuel and Zuriah, died 26 April, 1761, aged 2 years, 17 days.

Ruth, daughter of Oliver and Lydia, died 11 March, 1806, in her 30th year. Baptized Silvanus a Son of Nath 1 Lincoln Jun r [p. Received to Comunion Mercy wife to Jonath" Snow Jun r 1767 . Faith, " M rs ", died 12 November, 1724, in her 21st year. Joyce Eleanor, daughter of John and Faith, died 10 September, 1763, aged 4 years.

Hatch Allen, died 27 February, 1831, aged 67 years. [On stone with brother Oscar W.] Oscar W., son of Stephen and Deborah B., died 30 April, 1845, aged 4 years, 8 months, 20 days. Ephraim and Jean, died 8 February, 1749, aged 2 months, 8 days. The Pastor at y e Same time Consented, also Voted y l Deac n Mayo together with y e Brethren Hatsuld Freeman and Chilingworth Foster Should be a Comittee to Enquire of Sister Miriam Gray y e Reason of her absenting from Comunion with y e Chh in y e Special ordinance. Received to full Comunion Benjamin Thacher Sep' 7 . Received to full Comunion Seth Crowell & Stephen Seers Oc* 12 . Baptized Mary Reuben Levinah & Heman Children of James Bangs. Received to full Comunion The Wife of Lemuel Freeman & Reuben Clark & his wife Jerusha After which Desire Thacher Ruth Freeman Grace Freeman & Seth Freeman owned the Covenant & were baptised. And as a Chh we are now ready to declare that when we heared what you had to Say relating to the affair we were, fully Satisfied of your Innocency of y e least Design of Saying, much less of Swearing what was false. 182] by us in our willingness that you Should have Comunion with us altho' you Never made a Confession of any Scandal ; & as a farther Evidence thereof this Message Shall be put on Record, hoping you will return to our Comunion, as we are & ever have been in full Charity with you. Israel, died 8 September, 1760, aged 77 years, 6 months. Hodgdon James G., son of Stephen and Deborah B., died 12 May, 1845, aged 9 months, 28 days. Baptized Joshua Son of Watson Freeman & Mary Daughter of Joseph Nye. Baptized Josiah Son of Nathan Winslow & Benjamin Son Of Benj n Berry [p. The Chh made Choice of Brother Heman Stone & Brother Edmund Freeman to Serve in the Deacon's Office. 181] the Gospel, & as we believe you are Conscientious therein think it proper to Observe y* altho a Major Part of the Chh did Apprehend you to be under oath when you Said Tho s Gray was not in the Pew, yet Several of y e Chh did not think thus, neither do they at present . Holmes Elizabeth, wife of Israel, died 10 January, 1754, in her 72d year. (To be continued) DENNIS, MASS., VITAL RECORDS Communicated by Miss Mary Abba Baker (Continued from Vol. of Nov r 1791 Mercy Killey born 16 of Feb r 1794 by his Second Wife Mary Mira Killey born 16 th July 1798 Ruth Sprage Killey born 18 th Dec r 1799 John Wing Kelley and Content his wife Patty Killey born 3 of Jan r 1792 Abigail Killey born 13 of April 1794 Deborah Killey born 28 of Jan r 1796 Libni Killey born 27 th Jan r 1799 Cyrenius Kelley and Jarusha his wife A Record of the borths and names of ther Children Lucy Killey born 8 of Sep r 1794 Isaac Killey born 29 of Feb r 1796 Died Ezra Killey born 26 th Sep tr 1798 Cyrenus Killey born Jan r 9 th 1801 Hannah Killey born 18 of Dec r 1802 Dennis, Mass., Vital Records 1 5 Eunis Killey born 20 of aug* 1804 Isaac Killey born 11 of June 1806 Hattile Killey born 18 th of June 1808 Mary Killey born July 13 th 18 10 [p. Received to full Comuion Heman Stone & Chillingsworth Foster. [On her husband's stone.] Elizabeth H., widow of Samuel, died 23 November, 1849, aged 84 years. [On stone with his widow, Elizabeth.] Rebecca, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth, died 14 October, 1787, aged 22 years, 10 months, 4 days. [On stone with his widow, Elizabeth H.] Keen" Benjamin, Capt., died 25 May, 1828, aged 59 years, 1 month, 26 days. r Records from Island Pond Cemetery, Harwich Centre, Mass. Sarah, widow of John, died 15 September, 1 761, in her 75th year. 8^] Hattel Killey and Marey his wife A Record of the births and names of thir Children Allen Killey 14 . Hannah, daughter of Ebenezer, died 10 January, 1729, aged 14 months. Records from Old Burial Ground, Marshfield 47 Joyce {Continued) Elizabeth, widow of Nathaniel, died 21 March, 1827, aged 80 years.

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