Dating widower with young children Arabic sex dating site

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I'm in a situation that I never thought I would find myself in — not necessarily a bad one, just different.

All of their extended family is on the other side of the world; they stay in touch but are unable to provide the support they would like to.

You need the objective input of people who know you. The new baby fills you with joy and love and even helps lessen the pain of loss. But the love you feel for your new baby would in no way diminish or dishonor the baby who is gone.

Is this a real possibility, or is it wishful thinking born of familiarity and love for his children? Would you be better together for the kingdom than you are apart? You're in a difficult position because it sounds as if you've grown to care deeply for and even love these children, and I suspect they feel similarly about you.

I don't want to be mistaken for replacing her in any way — in the kids' lives or their dad's.

I guess I would appreciate some perspective from someone who is not emotionally tangled in this. In another day it was quite common for one spouse to die young, whether from illness, in childbirth, or in war.

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I suppose I have found myself loving someone else's kids, partnering with him in raising them to an extent, and enjoying a great friendship with him. I really like being around him; I care about him deeply. Oh, and he is 20 years older than I am, just to make it weirder.

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