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HE had the BALLS to come in and apologize and that takes guts and I for one am impressed as hell…………YOU GO BOY!!I'm not saying you ever have to be sorry for expressing your opinion, because you can think and feel on a subject how ever YOU want.this is Diva budding out of your business now........smoooooootchesno sheridan you said when i wrote tar and featherd you got hard. i REALLY dont want to know anything about your wiener. Badbadgirl, first off thanks for the profile review. It's much easier than going back and forth with e-mails. It's not a marriage proposal or asking for any kind of personal information like a phone number (as some guys would do).I've been meaning to post that but was banned from posting in the forums for the last 5 days and just got back my supapowers now! But you'd be suprised how many guys (myself included) send out messages only to get READ/DELETED, or just READ but no response from many people out there. If you don't have it, that's fine too, we can just chat on here. You may say "well it's not too in-depth" but alot of people don't care for novel length e-mails right off the bat.Even with the most simplest of introductions/e-mails. I'd like to chat with you and get to know you better, if that's ok with you...??? Also, it's not even worth writing those novel length letters right away because for all you know it'll just get deleted without even being read!I'll give you an example of a SIMPLE introduction e-mail that would easily get read but not responded to or perhaps even deleted:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi, how are you? I just came across your profile wanted to message you and say hi & introduce myself. Therefore short and sweet and to the point is best, at least until a reply is received. It's no wonder people can't meet others through here.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.[Because when a girl is on this site, she becomes 3 times as diserable.]Okay, and just why does she become all of a sudden so diserable?

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Rosa is a model, personal trainer and ballet dancer.

She snagged the coveted spot as a Wild ‘N Out girl starting in Season 5,.

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Smootches, Divayet again i have to write this because i seem to of again been misunderstood. again by the other post more then one woman took him seriously. when i was talking about the person who made me shiver is disgust i was talking about Sheridan and some gross comments he made to me in another thread. maryrachelle......course, I didn't read it all so maybe I should have left off my comments to you except the..."you know you're my girl" part.... Well why do you think so many people are single these days? I'm not saying nobody should have standards; of course they should and we all do.