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You see, you might assume that your brother or your guy friends “know how to treat a lady,” and maybe in theory that’s true.But as a guy, it’s helpful to get some real-life pointers on what to do and what not to do.Not that either of those are necessarily bad things, but by avoiding undue intimacy in the causal stage, I can better make a decision about whether to get serious without hurting feelings or breaking hearts.I’ll still go on a fair amount of first, second, and even third dates as a way to get to know a woman, but I’m much more discerning about moving any further unless I’m clear about my intentions.Either way, our conversations are always a learning experience and help me to better understand what a woman might be thinking.I’m grateful for the way my sister helps keep me accountable for how I act in my dating life, and I have learned a lot.And something cool happens in this process: I get a great perspective on what it’s like on the other side.

I needed to hear from my sister that, if I’m not interested in a woman, it doesn’t help to beat around the bush or offer up lame excuses to avoid another date.

I certainly shouldn’t be texting her as if I am interested if I don’t have the intent to do anything about it. This should go without saying (or without me having to learn it), but it’s worth making the point nonetheless.

I know that it’s much easier for me to be gentlemanly toward a woman to whom I’m attracted.

But hearing my sister’s frustrations about guys who send her mixed messages has given me reason to be more straightforward.

She’ll have guys who flirt with her but don’t ask her out. Guys who text her afterward, but it’s not clear if they plan to ask her out again.

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My sister has been described as a straight shooter.

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