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Dating mate selection and living together

Some people face a higher risk of divorce, and others a very low risk.

What follows is not an exhaustive list but it will hit the highlights.

In other words, your stage of life shapes what is dynamic and static in terms of factors associated with Get to know a person very well before deciding to marry.

We all know people who fell in love at first sight and married within months, and who have done well over many years in marriage.

If you cannot find that, try a relationship education workshop if they exist in your community.

Or, as another option, ask around about a local marital therapist who is skilled in helping couples prepare for marriage.

If you consistently think you are more dedicated to the relationship than your partner, consider moving on. It’s fine to be looking for love, but it’s smarter to be looking for sacrifice. My colleague Galena Rhoades and I believe that this is what many people do not see about the risk of living together prior to marriage (or at least before engagement). Research on Divorce: Continuing Trends and New Developments.

Some people avoid marriage because of their fear of divorce, but avoiding marriage won’t really reduce one’s chances of experiencing heartache and family instability. As I discussed in my last blog post, couples marrying today still face a substantial lifetime risk of divorce. Even if the risk drops to around 40 percent, that’s a lot of divorce. That’s the worst reason you can have to move in together. Once you sense some chemistry, it’s hard to hold onto what had been non-negotiable for what you wanted in a mate. But chemistry is best developed in a sequence, not as a blinding, binding glue in a relationship you’d otherwise never have chosen. This is where people can use online dating sites effectively: You can be clear about the big things you are looking for in life before you meet someone and it gets all complicated with chemistry. There should be sustained evidence that you and a prospective mate are equally devoted to the relationship; for example, that you are both willing to make sacrifices for each other. Many people slide into situations that make it harder to end a relationship before they have made a clear decision about what is best.

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To really avoid the possibility of such pain, one would need to avoid love, sex, and children altogether.