Dating hagstrom guitars

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Finally, logs suggest the Hagstrom I B was revived between ’71 and ’73, however, it seems strange the lucite-and-vinyl instruments of the ’60s would have been hip enough to market to the ’70s crowd.Whether these simply shared the name or were actually the same is unknown.More importantly, these were neck-through-body guitars with natty colored pushbutton controls mounted on a metal plate on the lower bout. A little black laminated pickguard sat under the strings, but had the cool feature of a lever volume control plus a volume knob for presetting an accompaniment level.

Except for the extra strings, this was identical to the Coronado I and was renamed the Coronado VI in ’65. From ’64 to ’65, Hagstrom produced another 2,001 Hagstrom De Luxe IIIs and 1,000 Hagstrom De Luxe IIs.

In late ’31/early ’32, Hagstrom set up his own factory and began manufacturing Hagstrom-brand accordions. Also in ’62 Hagstrom dropped the sparkle guitars in favor of the new vinyl-covered Kents (Futurama in the U.

Albin Hgstrom passed away in ’52, but the company continued on and in ’58 made its first venture into guitar and amplifier manufacturing. International operations were being run by Albin’s son, Karl-Eric Hgstrom, who returned to Sweden to run the company in the early ’60s.

Again, if the De Luxe pattern holds, that would indicate binding and block inlays, but this is far from certain.

One example of what is probably a Hagstrom De Luxe III fits with what we know about the transition from Kent to Kent I to Hagstrom I.

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\n Can anybody out there decipher my Hagstrom Swede Goldtop's serial #?