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Parsons argues that his case was a political slam dunk and that Gibbs is being given a Get Out of Jail Free card before Parsons states that it's wrong.Morrow tells Parsons that what's wrong is Morrow himself continuing this conversation one more minute and that Gibbs has a job to do and that Parsons's tunnel-visioned stubborn determination is getting in the way. Tony looks puzzled for a second before he brings up a window and starts booking a flight to Tel Aviv. In a cafe, former NCIS Special Agent Timothy Mc Gee is reading an online article of Jarvis's death on his i Pad.All of the videos displayed on our site are hosted by websites that are not under our control.The linked porn videos are automatically gathered and added into our system by script.Parons approaches Morrow with Parsons telling Morrow that he needs a moment.Morrow simply tells Parsons or "Richard" to go with Morrow figuring that Parsons would be drowning his sorrows by now.Abby then tells him that Gibbs and the others would have still been here and that they could have stopped this. Ziva sends him back a IM saying, "Something like that. Vance just chuckles before telling Gibbs to watch his six.Ducky simply states that they have a long night ahead of them. She then wonders why they didn't do more to stop Parsons's investigations like a sit-in or a hunger strike of some sort. Both men look at each other and nod before Vance turns around and leaves. A while later, at a marketplace in Abyaneh, Iran, numerous men and women go about their business.

Reluctantly, Parsons starts to walk away but seconds later, a huge explosion erupts, completely destroying the hotel and engulfing everything in smoke while also setting off many car alarms. She then sends another IM saying, "You and a million other things. Tony then replies with "They haven't called us in" before adding "Want some company? Mc Gee remarks that this isn't right and there are agents working around the clock before stating that he should call Vance with Mc Gee believing that maybe Tony's heard something. Delilah remarks in a whisper that more than one source of intel says that the device used wasn't Middle Eastern: it was American which has Mc Gee stunned. Mc Gee then greets Abby and wonders if she's met Delilah with Abby admitting that she has. Abby then tells Mc Gee that she came down after last night's horror show to make sure that he's OK. At his house, Gibbs is busy packing when Vance arrives in with Vance stating that he was on his way to work and that he thought he'd drop in to see Gibbs before Gibbs left.

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Parsons wants to know what's so important that one assignment can trump a career of rule-breaking. As he reads it, his girlfriend, DOD agent Delilah Fielding comes up and tells him that she knows he likes surprises.

Morrow, on the other hand tells Parsons that the less Parsons knows, the better and that Morrow is doing Parsons a favor. Morrow tells Parsons that there's a line in the sand and that Parsons shouldn't cross it. As he reads the message, Tony smiles before he types in, "Count to a million. Mc Gee looks up and greets her before admitting that he's still recovering from last night's surprise. In a stage whisper, Abby wonders if Delilah can be trusted. Abby then states that she's gotta get back to work and that she's got a ton of evidence from last night to go through but it was nice to see both Mc Gee and Delilah. As she leaves, Delilah says "Awkward" in a sing-song tone.

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