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In this age of wonders, the greatest wonder is, that the multitude still follow the broad road of doubt, that the word ' impossible' is not ofl Fensive to all ears polite.Thomas Grey was branded a madman and died a lieggar because he was a fast man, and his thoughts were too locomotive for his generation; and yet we deny social progress and doubt Utopias.With faith in our hearts, science in our heads, and ready hands, we can exalt the valleys and make low the mountains.If France is true to herself, with Algeria at her doors, she will better herself and bless the nations.

That the future will show better things, is our firm belief.

Algeria and Morocco, under an enlightened sway, and pacified, might in all probability yield glorious crops, and afi"ord a noble field for commercial speculation.

Nor is the day probably very distant when Cape Madeira and other Cape liquids, as well as solids, \till find their way in great abundance into the English market. gerated the corn and olive crops of Barbary, and the cotton and warrior crops of Algeria, will appear from facts in the sequel of this work.

A wise combination and economy, a perennial exodus, and, above all, con- struction substituted for our destructive habits, would make the world roll in riches and revel in luxuries.

Instead of sitting down by the stagnant waters of Conservatism and weep- PREFACE.

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God's facts are ever full of poetry, and man's highest wisdom is at best such foolishness before high heaven, that he need never fear the danger of exhausting the secrets of the universe.