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France acquired Louisiana from Spain in 1800, only to sell the area to the United States of America three years later in the Louisiana Purchase.The area settled by the Acadians and other cultures became known as the Territory of Orleans.

The new settlers began cultivating the land for agriculture and fished the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding bayous. People from other cultures including the Spanish, Canary Islanders, Native Americans, descendants of African slaves and French Creoles from the Caribbean settled in Louisiana as well during this same time period.Many different kinds of birds and other animals can be seen at Spike Island and on the marshes towards Fiddler's Ferry.In winter, birds such as shelduck, redshank and teal can be seen on the mudflats in the Mersey, while birds of prey including sparrowhawk, kestrel and short-eared owl hunt over the marshes.The disused factories, abandoned canal and piles of waste became a terrible eyesore in the years that followed.However in 1975, Halton Borough Council and Cheshire County Council began reclaiming the land and by 1982 Spike Island was transformed into the kind of green open space you see today.

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