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I don't know what script you're using to do the testing. Make sure the slave is listed as a NS in the zone file of the master. Make sure the zone is correctly configured on the slave (listing the master as the master). 16 of 17 records replicated so I can only assume that 1 record is faulty, however no reporting/checking (i.e.

Feature: Automatically increase SOA serial number when a DNS zone managed by Identity Management any record in the zone is updated.

The following zone file db.will hold a DNS record to assist a nameserver resolve a fully qualified domain name to an IP address. For this we are going to need yet another file and that is db.192.168.0 with a following content:; ; BIND reverse data file for 0.168.192.; $TTL 604800 0.168.192. In our this case the IP address of our name server is

Create and save db.with a following content:; ; BIND data file for ; $TTL 3h @ IN SOA ns1. ( 1 ; Serial 3h ; Refresh after 3 hours 1h ; Retry after 1 hour 1w ; Expire after 1 week 1h ) ; Negative caching TTL of 1 day ; @ IN NS ns1.

More concisely: we add one or more member zones to the catalog zone which is transferred to its slaves where it triggers the creation (or removal) of the member zones.

If your primary DNS server is behind a NAT router (as seen from the secondary server), make sure that you use the public IP address of the router and that port 53 TCP is correctly mapped to the private IP address of the primary DNS server on that router. If the problem description is ”RCODE 5 Refused...”, check the reference knowledbase article about this below.Sample scenario notes to help you ready this DNS bind howto:dnsutils is not compulsory package to run bind webserver, but we will use a dig command which is part of this package as a testing tool of your bind configuration. This IP address is used in case that a local DNS server do not know the answer the a name resolution query.At this stage we will need to create a new zone file for a domain In IP address of a DNS server in many cases is provided by your Internet provider.Navigate to /etc/bind/ directory execute following sequence of commands to navigate to zones/master//etc/bind/zones/master directory will contain a zone file for a domain. IN A ns1 IN A ns2 IN A www IN CNAME At this stage the bind DNS server can resolve an IP address mapped to a host. Alternatively if you are google fan use or you prefer to use another directory to hold this file you are free to do so. What we should do now is the teach our nameserver the other way around, which is, to resolve a host from an IP address. ( 1 ; Serial 3h ; Refresh after 3 hours 1h ; Retry after 1 hour 1w ; Expire after 1 week 1h ) ; Negative caching TTL of 1 day ; 0.168.192. Replace a following blog of text withing a options file: A dig command from dnsutils package will become handy to help us to test a new configuration of bind command can be used from any PC which has a network access the your DNS server but preferably your should start your testing from a localhost.

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Both are lightweight alternatives to bind9 DNS server and have less RAM requirements. In this article we will not go into details of what Domain Name Service ( DNS ) is nor how DNS works.

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