Air stewardess dating

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Air stewardess dating

So people who spend a lot of time higher up in the air—such as flight crew—are more exposed to cosmic rays.

And ionising radiation, which includes these cosmic rays, is linked to cancer in humans and fertility issues for women.

Secondly, you can be scheduled to fly for days, back-to-back.

Nonetheless, research needs to be done on airport information before every flight.You don’t want to be blacklisted in a company where everyone knows everyone, and news spreads in private Whats App group chats like wildfire.On her Instagram feed, she’s picnicking below the Eiffel Tower and shopping at Bicester Village, but what she never puts on social media is the loneliness of always being on the road., SQ girls deal with a lot more than just nasty passengers and homesickness.Here’s our inside scoop from an anonymous source that reveals SQ girl secrets the public doesn’t know.

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