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And in that time, how many times have I eaten gluten? So I thought that maybe something else is going on…it can’t just be the celiac making me feel this crappy.

Multiple doctor visits and test after test came up empty. But if I’m completely gluten-free, why am I still suffering??

It is absolutely amazing to me that my body shed that much weight simply from eating whole foods. The problem is, a large majority of the gluten-free food is absolute garbage. But because it’s “gluten-free”, it must be good for us!

I think it might be useful to you to read about grief in our Grief topic center , as what you are experiencing is a form of grief.

Please know that though this is very painful, people do survive it, and you can too.

But what do I do to get over the incredible hurt, the pain, the disbelief? This is a situation that comes up in relationships sometimes.

A very painful situation, but not an infrequent one, unfortunately.

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You need to let this husband of yours go, in my humble opinion.