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The above requirement can be easily achieved using resource files.

The text which are displayed can be placed in the resource files and whenever there is a change in the text just editing the resource file will take care of displaying the new text.

You can download Reimage Plus by If some reason you can’t boot into Windows and still want to update your system, then worry not, as you can do it by booting from the USB.

If the Version and Date of BIOS available for download is newer than the one you have currently, then click the download icon next to the BIOS update utility. After extraction, make sure the check is placed for the “Install BIOS Utility now.” option. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption.

To update your BIOS on your Lenovo computer/laptop, you will first have to check which version of BIOS is currently running on your system. Connect the USB you’re going to make bootable on another system you have access too. If F12 doesn’t’ works, it may be different for your model, you’ll have to check it from Lenovo’s website. If this guide didn’t work out for your model, do let us know and we will guide for your specific model.

Value against “System Mode” will be your exact system model. To check the version of BIOS, power on the target system and tap repeatedly F1 or F2 for some models to go into BIOS setup. Connect the USB to the target system, power it on and keeping tapping F12 until you see the Boot menu.

In the above HTML make sure you have the “Key” field.

“Key” field is used to search the resource file for the record to be updated. In the Page_Load event in the code behind the following code is used to read the content of a resource file and data bind the same to a Grid View control.

The value node in the resource file holds the text.After latest BIOS update seems to be significant degrade CPU efficiency in basic user operations (all browsers, GUI, starting programs)One positive - No more unexpected reboots. ***********************************************************************************UPDATING: Simple experiment: Load the safe mode(with networking) of Windows 10, measure the start time of Firefox, run CINEBENCH R15.CPU freq boosted normal (from 2.4 GHz up to 3.4 GHz)Avarage CPU temperature under load around 60-70 C. Fell the difference: My suggestion: Some advanced power management drivers or system cooling policies (HP / AMD Cn Q?As resource files are stored as XML, any syntax problem can bring down the whole application.So the next obvious solution is to provide a web page to edit the existing resource files. NET doesn’t provide any class to edit and update resource files. One of the disadvantages of using these classes is that they don’t have facility to fetch the comment part of a resource item. People suggested that, treat a resource file as an XML and use the XML classes to read/update the resource file.

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Now you might be thinking what is the big deal in this, yes there is no rocket science involved in editing a resource file, just open any text editor and make the necessary modification.

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